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Bean Sprout Chicken

Bean Sprout Chicken is a quick and easy Asian chicken dish that goes well with a bowl of rice. This recipe is easy to follow and the outcome is a good dish full of Asian flavor.

I like Bean Sprout chicken because it is low in fat and cholesterol and it has a mild delicous taste that pampers my taste buds. The dish always satisfies my tummy everytime I have this for lunch.

Before I forget, note that it is important to not overcook the bean sprouts. Feel free to adjust the amount of heat and cooking time depending on the condition of your bean sprouts.

Adding some cooking wine will help improve the taste of this dish. I am using Shaoxing wine everytime I prepared this dish.

Try this Bean Sprout Chicken Recipe. Let me know what you think.

Chicken Giniling with Green Peas

Chicken Giniling with Green Peas is a Filipino stew that makes use of ground chicken meat. This dish is usually made using ground pork, but it is a good idea to use other meat to see which is better. In this case, both chicken and pork ranked equal based on my personal judgement.

There are many reasons to use ground chicken instead of ground pork. Chicken (without the skin) is lower in fat and cholesterol. Chicken has also higher protein content.

Chicken Giniling is best served with warm white rice. It can be enjoyed either for lunch or dinner. Sometimes, I like to have it as a filling for hot pandesal.

Pesang Manok

Pesang Manok or Chicken in Ginger Soup is a Filipino soup dish that can be eaten for lunch or dinner. It has a very mild flavor, this means that it can be best accompanied with other tasty or fried Filipino dishes. I usually have this with crispy pata. This is also best to have during cold weather.

Preparing Pesang Manok is very easy. All you have to do is combine the chicken with most of the ingredients and cook until tender. The vegetables are added towards the last part. Pesang Manok is nice to have with steamed white rice and some fish sauce with chili as dipping sauce.

Fried Chicken Potato Salad

Are you looking for recipes that make use of left over fried chicken breasts? I think that you will find this Fried Chicken Potato Salad recipe interesting. I developed this recipe because there were some left over fried chicken in my fridge and I don’t want them to go to waste. The recipe tells you how to make simple fried chicken breasts from scratch. You can follow everything if you have no left over fried chicken to save. Otherwise, use your fried chicken but make sure to broil it so that it and remove the bones afterwards, and cut into small pieces. Broiling the chicken will get its crisp texture back. This is a perfect dish for lunch or dinner. It has carbs and protein that will give you energy throughout the day.

Arroz Caldo with tokwa

Arroz Caldo with tokwa
Author: Sheryl Roxas
Recipe type: Shared Recipe Cuisine: Filipino
Cook time: 45 mins Total time: 45 mins
Serves: 8

This is my simple Arroz Caldo with tokwa recipe. I prepare this for my family during winter because it helps us feel warm.I like mine spicy, so I put a lot of chili flakes. You can squeeze lemon or calamansi on top to make it taste better.

Sizzling Chicken Sisig

Sizzling Chicken Sisig is the chicken version of the popular sisig dish. This recipe is quick and easy and can be low in fat depending on the type and amount of mayonnaise that will be used.

Sisig is known to be a fatty dish because it usually uses fatty parts of the pig such as the ears and face; the original recipe also uses the brain of the pig as a binder. Chicken sisig, on the other hand, can be considered as a healthier alternative because chicken meat has lesser fat. This recipe in particular makes uses of skinless chicken breast; it is low in fat and high in protein.

Chicken Siomai

This Chicken Siomai recipe is a variation of pork siomai or shaomai. This recipe makes use of lean ground chicken plus additional vegetables and seasonings.

Are you a fan of siomai? If you are, I am certain that you will love this recipe! Those who don’t like siomai will think twice after trying this recipe and can eventually get hooked-up.

This Chicken Siomai is really good! As long as you follow the recipe without adding or subtracting any ingredient — you’ll see what I mean. This goes well with ponzu or toyomansi.

Barbecued Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce wrap is one of the most sought after appetizer dish in Asian restaurants mainly because it is tasty and looks appetizing. This Barbecued Chicken Lettuce Wrap recipe is a quick and easy lettuce wrap version that you can prepare in your own kitchen.

There are many ways to prepare lettuce wraps. Some have fried rice noodles in them while other even have other fancy ingredients. What we have here is an easy to prepare lettuce wrap that will make your taste buds longing for more. I used organic butter lettuce for this recipe because it tastes fresh and delightful. However, do not limit yourself to this ingredient. You can always use iceberg lettuce, which is the common variety of lettuce used in restaurants for this dish.

Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Carbonara is a rich and delicious pasta dish that I always enjoy with a glass of wine. This dish makes use of spaghetti noodles; the two meat ingredients responsible its wonderful taste are pancetta and baked chicken breasts.

Chicken and Ham Sopas Recipe

Chicken and Ham Sopas is perfect during cold weather. This is what I usually make for my family when I have time. Otherwise, a quick egg drop soup will do. This version of the popular chicken sopas, which is also known as the Filipino version of chicken noodle soup will excite your taste buds.

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